Find out how to get a discounted gas bill with Crown Energy’s residential natural gas services.

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Thanks to deregulation, residential customers now have a choice as to who you can buy your natural gas from! We predominantly purchase locally produced natural gas that helps keep your costs down, meaning you get discounted gas bill. Our residential customers will continue to receive their bill from and pay their bill directly to National Fuel Gas. By switching, our customers are still able to keep their budget billing (if they so choose), pay their gas bill online (if they want), and have Crown Energy as their natural gas supplier! (Now we’re cooking with gas here.)

How can I use discounted natural gas in my home?

Many people aren’t aware of all the uses for natural gas in the home! Most customers have switched to Crown Energy to provide the natural gas for their heating and cooling (yes, natural gas air conditioning), water heating, natural gas range or oven, space heaters, clothes dryers, fireplaces (indoor and outdoor), or outdoor lights!

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