Top 3 Pro Tips to Heating Your Home

Remember these tips while heating your home this winter!

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Winter is coming in full-force which means there will be a need to turn up the heat! To avoid turning into Jack Frost and save some extra cash for the holiday season, here are 3 ways to heat your home and keep your bill as low as possible.

1 - Avoid Extremes
Don’t set your thermostat too high or too low! Patience is key, my friend. Just because you set your thermostat to 80 doesn’t mean it will be 80 in your house right away. It means it will eventually get to 80, but not right away. On the opposite end, if you let your home temperature drop at night, it’s going to take a lot of work from your heating system to get it warm in the morning. These are the two biggest factors as to why people see high bills in the winter. Save your money by being patient and setting your thermostat to a temperature that is comfortable.

2 - Know the Limits of Your Heating System
Setting your thermostat to 70 and it continues to only reach 66? Don’t make up the difference by cranking up the heat to 74. Instead, see where heat could be escaping and check your furnace.

3 - Don’t heat an empty house!
While you’re away, give your thermostat a break - but don’t overdo it. (See above.) Turning your thermostat down a few notches will help you save hundreds of dollars every year. Pro tip: don’t underestimate the power of the sun! By keeping your curtains open during the day, this will help warm up your house and give your furnace a break during the warmest hours of the day.

For more tips on how to heat your home this winter and save money - check out this out!

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