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We are a natural gas marketer that purchases natural gas from local suppliers of all sizes. We value open and honest communication with our customers to assist them with expert advice in regards to their affordable heating and money saving needs when supplying natural gas.

Whether you’re a residential customer, a small business owner, or a buyer for a large industrial company, you should know you have options as to who provides your natural gas!

Why is that?

Deregulation began back in the mid 1980's. At the time, deregulation only gave large industrial corporations the power to switch from using oil to natural gas. As time went on, and more changes occurred, commercial customers were also allowed the ability to switch, and by 1996 all residential customers finally had the power to choose their own natural gas supplier too - granting affordable heating and supply costs for all.


As a result, the NYS Public Service Commission (PSC) separated the charges for delivery of natural gas to your home or business from natural gas supply charges. It’s in the gas supply, also called commodity charges, that you can choose if you would like an alternate provider.

In an energy deregulation state, the utility company is not allowed to profit from the buying and selling of natural gas. Whatever the natural gas costs the utility company is what they may charge the customer. The utility company can only profit from the delivery. The utility company owns and maintains the distribution system and they get paid for the delivery and servicing of the natural gas no matter where it comes from. So, in essence, the utility company doesn’t shop around for the best natural gas prices.

Crown Energy Services, Inc. does! This results in freedom, flexibility and cost savings to you, the customer.

Sign up with Crown Energy - your local natural gas supplier and get the best quality natural gas at affordable heating and supply rate, without a signup fee. Crown Energy is the best alternative provider for your natural gas needs.

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